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Tens, hundreds Egypt! Tens, hundreds Nepal!

The second wave of proletarian revolution advances all over the world




Article  from La Voce del (nuovo)Partito comunista italiano, n. 37 March 2011 - http://www.nuovopci.it

Ten, hundred Egypt! Ten, hundred Nepal!

The second wave of proletarian revolution advances all over the world

The peoples of the Arab countries are rising one after the other. They have taken the first step, one after the other puppet governments of the International Community led by the U.S. government and blessed by the Pope of Rome are overthrown. The authorities and imperialist groups run for cover. So the rivalry between them worsened. The racist and theocratic state built by the Zionists who colonized Palestine is moving towards its end: its duration will be less than that of the Kingdom of Jerusalem (1099-1187) founded by the Crusaders in Palestine. The revolt smoulders in other countries, even in the imperialist countries. The discontent and the turmoil are growing in the U.S.A.: sooner or later also the masses of U.S.A. will find their way to establish socialism. The maniacal fury with which the U.S. bourgeoisie accumulates money, creates new weapons, expands its military bases and its police agencies around the world will show what it is: the manifestation of the desperation of the commander of the Titanic who cannot do anything but obsessively multiply old rites, make the orchestra play and the passengers dance while his ship is sinking. The deviation towards capitalism in China will clash with the general crisis of capitalism: the wisdom of the teaching of Proletarian Cultural Revolution and of Mao Tse-tung will shine out.

Is this what will happen? No! This is what we Communists and the masses will do! They are the men who make their history!

The crisis of capitalism deepens. They are the system of social relations of capitalist mercantile production that the bourgeoisie has imposed all over the world, the system of international relations that ensued from it, the world imperialist system which brought about, perpetuate and aggravate this crisis. The economic crisis combines with the environmental crisis. No State that respects the imperialist world system, subjected to its monetary and financial system can cope with the effects of the crisis, even with the most serious one, much less it can end the crisis. We have before us a turning point in human history. The exhaustion of the first wave of proletarian revolution and the perpetuation of the imperialist world system have led humanity into a chaos of exceptional gravity.

Humanity will come out of it establishing socialism, then  it will go towards communism. Of course the road is still long. The exploited classes and oppressed peoples will have to overcome many difficulties. It will be a difficult and painful way. But it is the only possible way and we will do it. The human species is an intelligent species. In its thousands of years evolving from a state similar to that of other animal species to its present state, it has overcome more serious difficulties with more primitive means. Humanity now has the intellectual and moral resources to deal successfully with the situation.

Just over 150 years ago, Marxism has shown the nature of evolution that humanity is going along and discovered the laws which govern its course. The communist movement is this ongoing transformation led by Marxism. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the Marxism enriched by the experiences till now done.

We Communists have the basic tools to analyze the conditions, forms and results of the path that humanity is going along and to discover the special steps that must be done country by country. We must take full advantage of the tools we have and give us the means of our policy. Marxism is a science, is the philosophy of human history. In each country, the Communist Party must translate its general terms in the special conditions of its country, obtaining a line and apply it in practice. At the same time it has to gradually forge closer ties with the communist parties of other countries, because the work we have to do is international. The construction of the Second Communist International is an essential aspect of the work of any communist party.

The first essential condition for successfully carrying out our work is that we Communists assimilate the communist conception of the world and apply it creatively to the concrete conditions of our work. The greatest damage of the exhaustion of the first wave of world proletarian revolution is the discredit that the defeat has thrown on our doctrine in our own ranks, a discredit that the bourgeoisie and the clergy tried by all means to accentuate and perpetuate. The bourgeois left[1] is the personification of this discredit. The vanity of its work and the demonstrated inability to achieve its aspirations confirm that humanity has no road or other method of transformation than those that Marxism has shown. From here we must start to advance. Marxism is the theory that guides us and that we develop and enrich it elaborating our experience. We must assimilate it, apply it and develop it.

The mobilization on a large-scale, of millions of the popular masses has begun. It will extend. The maneuvers to which the bourgeoisie, the clergy, the other ruling classes, their spokesmen and agents certainly resort for keeping power, far from stifling the mobilization of the masses, they will feed it. Our mistakes will slow it down, but they will not stifle it. We shall learn from our mistakes, to find the right path and illuminate it better. When the masses are mobilized, it is necessary that the Communists launch the watchwords in which those who want to advance will recognize themselves, that the Communists proclaim the objectives that the masses have to carry out to free themselves, to transform and move forward. In this way the Communists direct. Let the sad people the laments because there are still backward aspects and because the road ahead is long.

This is the international situation. This is the spirit with which we Communists face it!


Nicola P.

La Voce,  n. 37 del (nuovo)Partito comunista italiano

 March 2011  

[1] The bourgeois left, in Italy, is represented by the political forces in which the revisionists gradually transformed themselves, that is to say anti-communist or anyway not communist intellectual and political men, whose programs and objectives are completely enclosed in the horizon of the bourgeois society [Note of Translator].

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